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Honey from Bashkortostan

About the advantage of bashkir honey know all the people. It is very useful for health, normalizes the work of many viscera, improves blood, increases the immunity, is a powerful source of energy, protects the body from premature aging. We are encounter with the fact: is it useful , what we eat? After the buying honey, not everyone can identify what it is the quality.

Fortunately many of our partners and customers appreciate the quality of our product, and we are pleased to offer it to you because:
1. Our apiary is located in a clean places;
2. We have officially registered and under the control of the veterinary service;
3. During the collection of honey, we leave the republic in the necessary areas, especially melliferous areas of the foothills Ural mountains;
4. When organizations purchase includes all of conformity GOST 19792-2001;
5. Our honey is not subjected to heat treatment, therefore retains all its beneficial properties;
6. Our product range includes pure honey from Bashkortostan;
7. Our prices are tailored for each client;
8. We know what our customers need and we are responsible for the quality of goods and service;
9. Packed honey is ready for implementation in retail stores;
10. We sell honey for 2 years and we work with clients and partners from Russia, America, Canada, China, Japan, Arab Emirates and many other countries;
11. Our clients and partners are always positive review about the quality of our product;
12. Every customer is important for us.

We do the delivery our honey also in Moscow city and St. Petersburg.

 Name  Qty  Wholesale (usd)  Retail (usd) 
 Linden honey glass  370g  2,4  2,8
 Linden honey glass  440g  2,6  3,1
 Linden honey glass  1kg  4  4,4
 Linden honey p/p  2,9kg  12  14
 Linden honey p/p  4,4kg  17  20
 Floral honey glass  370g  2,2  2,6
 Floral honey glass  440g  2,4  2,8
 Floral honey glass  1kg  3,5  4
 Floral honey p/p  2,9kg  10  12
 Floral honey p/p  4,4kg  25  17

Our address and contacts:
«Dana» shop, 23 Vokzal?naya street, Sterlitamak city, Bashkortostan rep., Russia
Tel.: +7 (3473) 28-13-60 (доб. 115), +7-987-61-469-39
E-mail: katerina1407@list.ru
Account number: 40702810062070000081
Prepayment: 100%
For a large order discounts are available!

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